Friday, January 21, 2011

Homemade Mop

So mopping can be a challenge when you have an 18 month old (he's actually 19 months, but I don't like to say that). He just gets in the way, and tries to take the mop from you. 

So thankfully Daddy had a pile of old white t-shirts that I could tear into strips, then tie together with an elastic. I tied the bundle onto the stick with elastics too. 

He stayed occupied until I was done mopping. Then his sister mopped after him. SO, my floors were the cleanest they've ever been!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to do on a snow day

We had a snow day here in New Brunswick (well actually, more like a rain day - freezing rain and messy roads). So what to do with a whole day ahead of you, where you can spend time together instead of being at preschool? Well, you can . . .

 *Play Restaurant. Take an order. 'Write' it down. Pay your money. Eat a delicious lunch!
* Skate on Cake Pans. 'Nuf said.
*Make puppets out of toilet paper rolls. Then destroy them an hour later (if you're Rachel)
*Play catch with a cold pack (and laugh hysterically for unknown reasons while doing it)
*Make a double batch of granola bars, and lick the spoons when you're done. These are a staple in our house. I always freeze a batch for later (or my husband will inhale them). We add ground flax, pumpkin seeds, and a variety of nuts to ours. And don't drizzle chocolate on top, because chocolate's not allowed at preschool.
*Practice your Picasa skills for work (Mommy)

Now we're going to make rhubarb crisp to go with homemade hamburgers for supper, just to stick our tongue out at the winter weather. And I might read a few chapters from my current book (Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman). And throw a load of laundry into the mix, just to make my day complete :o)