Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marshmallow Fun

What kid doesn't love marshmallows? Since we can't enjoy roasting them over the outdoor fire pit at this time of year, I came up with some ways to 'roast' marshmallows indoors!

We made 'fire' out of orange construction paper and stood it up by sticking it in a few playdough balls. We made playdough rocks to create the fire pit, and put playdough marshmallows on popsicle roasting sticks.

Another fun way we roasted marshmallows came to me one evening when Rachel came upstairs with her little toy lantern and wanted to turn all of the lights off. If you don't have a lantern, dig out a flashlight, or even some glow sticks from the dollar store. I grabbed a little basket and scrunched up orange construction paper, then stuffed it inside to look like the fire. If you don't have a little basket, a bowl would work for this. We only had little marshmallows in the house, so I stuck two of them on a toothpick for our roasting stick and we let our imaginations soar! Below is a short 30 second clip of what we did!

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  1. so cute! Love the post, now we can see what each other is doing for activities without ever visiting the others home! :P I like how believeable Rachel found the fire! ahha