Friday, April 2, 2010

Play dough Monsters

Everybody loves play dough. You can do SO MANY things with it. You could probably find a blog out there on JUST play dough. What's great about it is that it helps kids develops many skills (fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, story telling, creativity, imaginary play, etc. etc.), and it allows Mommies a little stress release (who needs a stress ball?). This activity is one I adopted from my friend Andrea when we worked at the preschool together (for those interested in Sewing and Cooking, check out her blog at Laundry on the Line). We used googly eyes and pipe cleaners of different colors and lengths. If we had buttons or feathers, I would probably have included those too. Then we made MONSTERS!!!!

Six Eyed Monsters

Flat Monsters

Sad Monsters!

We'll keep the supplies for our monsters in an ice cream tub and pull it out with our playdough probably for the next month.

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