Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Rachel and I are participating in Zoe Tofts International Postcard Swap at Fantastic Fiction for Kids. We sent out 5 postcards around the world, and we'll be receiving 5 mystery postcards from around the world. To prepare for it, I made a Post office, which of course, must include a mailbox! I got my inspiration from another blog, which unfortunately I don't remember which it is. If I figure out the site, I'll add the link, but for now, I'll post my pictures. Whoever you are, thank you! I made a Canadian Mailbox, so it's bright red, and I printed out some images I found on the internet to make it more official looking.

It comes complete with a mail slot AND a fancy door.

I'm very proud of myself for thinking to get my husbands drill to put a hole in the door. Years ago, it took me a long time to figure out how to change the bits in that thing, but thanks to my husbands patience, he helped me learn (thanks honey :o), so it was a cinch to change the bit and make a hole. I used a pipe cleaner for a handle, and the kids can pick up their mail to deliver it!

We've been using scrap paper of all sorts for our Post Office, including order forms from when I was an Usborne consultant, and tithing envelopes (because we switched to paying our tithes by automatic Visa, instead of in the plate, NOT because we stopped tithing to our church. Ha ha!).

We've had our box up for about two weeks now, and it's getting a little worn around the edges already, which just means it's been well used!


  1. What a great idea! (I think I always say that...but you really DO have so many good ideas!) I especially love all of the official postal labels!

  2. I am excited to follow along on more of your Great ideas! =)

  3. Hi,
    We recieved our postcard from you on Thursday, thankyou so much. It is by far Rowans favourite one so far! We are off to the library next week to see if we can get hold of your book recommendations.
    I also really like your blog, many inspirational ideas for another homeschooling family of little ones! :)