Monday, March 7, 2011

Building with recyclables

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Who needs blocks?  

A staff member at school, who's husband hates to throw anything out, brought in boxes of extra large empty peanut butter jars, as well as coffee cans, for us to build with at preschool. We replaced our standard wooden blocks with this alternative for a month and a half. The possibility of what to do with multiple sized containers that stack, roll, open and close are absolutely endless. These are a MUST HAVE resource if you teach preschoolers OR have a toddler at home! 

Eventually, we switched back to our standard blocks. We don't have any room at school to store these, so I decided to store them at home in my storage room. But first, I let Micah at them, who is now 21 months. He's been having a blast stacking them, and knocking them over. 

The same affect can be accomplished with empty ice cream containers or large mayonnaise jars. 

Yay for recycling! 
Now all you need to do is find your local hoarder/environmentalist who can't throw anything out, and you'll be set!


  1. Cool! :) And fun! Stop by our weekly High paw linky and add your link! :)

  2. Still like this idea! ;)

    Featuring this post in this week's High paw! Thank you for participation and hope to see you around this week too! :)

  3. Great idea! Who needs blocks?!

  4. I love this! I love any idea that uses what I got and doesn't take any prep work. Great fun!!

  5. We stack cups as toys and it is huge hit every time!

  6. What an amazing mommy you are, Micah and Rachel are sooooooooo lucky !!!!!!!!!!