Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting your child to bed without a fuss

Want to get your child to bed without a fuss?

Then transform their room into a hotel, and they'll be begging to go to bed!!!

This post is based on ACTUAL events:
Tonight, Rachel requested a hotel in her room. I asked her how we were going to do that. She indicated all we needed were some chairs, her snow white (snowman) blankie, her 'real' blankie, and that was all! I suggested we add a TV, so she drew on a shoebox. She told me that we needed a remote, so we taped together some popsicle sticks and she added the buttons with her marker. 

When her hotel bed was created, she asked enthusiastically, 20 minutes before it was even time to get ready for bed, "Mommy, can I please go to bed RIGHT NOW!?!?!?" Sometimes it's just so hard to say no *sigh.* I told her she could only go to bed if she paid me money, because it costs a lot of money to stay at a hotel. She dug out all her pennies and handed them over happily. She was so excited to go to sleep, she actually forgot all about watching tv and left her tv on the kitchen table!

 This was the nice pose. 

And then . . . 
 This was the silly face pose, 
which she has recently become so fond of. 
Here are some more examples of her fondness of it, just for fun!

This is my fave'! We actually have a progression of photos of her making various silly faces in this moment, and it is very entertaining to flip through them quickly! Cheap entertainment baby!

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