Monday, June 21, 2010

The latest fun toy at our house

Battery and toy companies beware: We discovered long ago that we don't have to fork out all of our hard earned money to you to keep our children occupied, entertained, or immersed in learning! Here is the latest toy in our house that my one year old LOVES and will play with for long periods of time:

Supplies needed: a spoon of any type, and a metal or glass bow.  This bowl is fun because it has a neat bell sound when hit on the outside, and we have 4 different sizes, so you can line them up and play different tones!

This sound is true music to my ears (it's not some repetitive or annoying voice I have to listen to or replace batteries in). Not only can your child make music, and experiment with sound, they also use their imagination and put objects inside and stir them around to make soup, or pancakes. You can turn it upside down and hide objects underneath, or turn it into a home for a small figurine, AND Mommy can cook delicious, REAL food inside of it!


  1. You have great ideas! I am so excited to look through your whole blog! =)

  2. Thanks Sherri! I love your enthusiasm, as well as your blog (and your energetic approach to parenting such a large family)!