Thursday, June 24, 2010

What made today fun

What made today fun, even though it was a rainy day:

*Having Angelus over to play
*Eating almost a whole cantaloupe between the 4 of us
*Dancing to ballerina music in costumes (I didn't do this part. No costumes fit me!)
*Making Kool-aid playdough
*Making old-fashioned sugar cookies, simply because there was sour cream in the house that needed to be made up (such a burden)
*Enjoying every morsel of cookie because I sought out the low-fat recipe
*Running in circles around the house, with Mommy helping a laughing Micah join in
*Having nap time in a cardboard house (Rachel) and a cubby hole for blankets (Angelus)
As you can see, Rachel's house is well used and on its last leg. She's had it for a year and a half. It's amazing it's made it this far!

And it's only one o'clock!

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