Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scooping Lentils so Mommy can cook!

Want to get lots of cooking done in the kitchen? I was able to cut the meat off 4 large bone-in chicken breasts, cook a chicken curry from scratch, cook a pot of rice, a pot of lentils and put a pot of homemade chicken broth to simmer on the stove ALL while Rachel played with a bin of green lentils on the kitchen floor! (I even got part of my cleanup done during this time!)

Anything small that is easy to scoop and sweep will work in a pinch ie. beans, rice, cereal, popcorn.

We grabbed some little spoons and she played for a good 45 minutes straight. She got her hands on my plastic dish gloves and would pour the lentils inside, dump them out, and do it over again. She ended up dumping the lentils on the floor when she was done, but I just scooped them up with some construction paper to save the bulk of them to do it again, then swept up the stragglers left behind!

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