Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Steal that we had so much fun doing!

My sister created colored ice blocks with her kids and posted her results on her blog. I was so excited by this activity that I jumped right in and did it with Rachel. I added my own twist and we stirred gold sparkles into them. I put our containers outside on a really cold day, but for only a part of the day. We went out that afternoon, and they appeared solid so we dipped them in warm water (we did this activity again on a warmer day, and they popped out on their own) and turned them upside down and discovered they weren't completely frozen. The result: Beautiful colored ice blocks that held colored water in the middle, perfect for painting the snow!!!! It wasn't necessarily an ideal day for painting snow. I usually wait for mild days so that mittens aren't required, but we went with it anyway!

Rachel had so much fun with this activity that we did it again another day. She carried the blocks all around the yard with her, stacked them, lined them up, threw them, slid them on the driveway, carried them in the sled: the fun never ended! Then we did a little science experiment and brought the ice blocks inside this time when we were done. We put them in a bucket and left it in the tub. She played with them in the tub, then we left them there overnight. One of the first things she did when she woke up was go see her ice blocks and was a little surprised that they were gone. She talked about them melting a lot that day, it really fascinated her! I think I ended up having as much fun as her with this activity. It was nice to do something new in the snow. (Thanks Jill!)

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