Thursday, February 4, 2010


Playing in the Dark

Glo sticks totally rock, and do not need to be limited to only outdoor night-time special occasions! Rachel and a friend played in the playroom with two glo-sticks with ALL the lights off and had a BLAST! They played downstairs for a good 30 minutes, then ran around upstairs (in the middle of a sunny day) for a long time, then found little holes to stick them in again and again in Micah's exersaucer.

Rachel even carried hers around some the next day when the 'glo' was all gone! I found at large pack at Michael's for really cheap before Christmas, and they're always available at the dollar store!

P.S. - DON'T let your toddler put them in her mouth/bite them. It's very tempting to do so (for some reason) when you're two, and human teeth can puncture the plastic! Can you tell I'm speaking from experience?

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